Saturday, December 15, 2012

GIGABYTE GTX 680 Overclocked Edition

Why You'll Dig it:

GIGABYTE were fairly quick in getting the GTX 680 overclock sample to market, this is largely due to the fact it is built following the NVIDIA reference design. This means full-cover water blocks will fit easily on to the cards, and also means "GPU Boost" is fully enabled, for better or worse.

The Windforce cooler looks to be the same as always, comprising of three thin fans and a fairly slim aluminium heat sink that spans the entire length of the card. The cooler is thin enough to "stack" four cards together in 4-way SLI, unlike many other models on the market today, yet efficient enough to keep the GPU core and all on-board componentry nice and cool.

In our testing we never exceeded 80°C, even while running the fans at an inaudible 1 ,800 RPM. If you would like to keep temperatures closer to the 70°C mark under 30 load, increasing the fan speed to a whisper-quiet 2,500 RPM will provide a good balance of temperature and audibility.

For air overclockers this card is more than adequate, and even water-cooling Atomicans will find joy in working on this card. We managed a core clock of around 1230MHz, which should be more than enough grunt for any game, even when spanned across three screens. For those wanting to take the card further, we would suggest waiting for the Super Overclock Edition, which will have a new VRM design, allowing users to bypass the "GPU Boost" technology.

GPU output includes two DVI, single HDMI and a single Display Port, giving users the freedom to connect any monitor without the use of dongles or adapters.

All in all the GTX 680 Overclock Edition from Gigabyte is a good all-round card, offering high connectivity, a compact - yet powerful - cooler, a three year warranty, fair price tag and decent overclocking headroom, one can't really complain. All that is left to do is find a store than has 680s in stock.

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Product Details and Features

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Key Features
Card Interface: PCI Express
Memory Tech: GDDR5 SDRAM
Memory Data Width: 256-bit
Input / Output
Output Interface: HDMI

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