Monday, September 3, 2012

Swiftech H2O-320 EDGE Watercooling

Swiftech H2O-320 EDGE Watercooling

Why You'll Dig it:

The H20-320Edge HD represents a true revolution in the world of liquid cooling: It combines Swiftech's extreme performance featureswith an ease of installation and versatility that lets all users, from beginners to hardcore enthusiasts, take full advantage of all the benefits afforded by liquid-cooling. The triple 120mm radiator is a sight to behold.

Swiftech H2O-X20 Edge HD Series - H20-320 HD Each kit is composed of only two elements: The patent pending MCR-X20 Drive Rev3 which combines radiator, reservoir, and pump into one unit and is also available for sale separately. The all new Apogee HD waterblock. The kits are available in two models, and two versions each: The H20-220 HD Edge with dual 120mm radiator, and either Black or White Apogee HD. The H20-320 HD Edge with triple 120mm radiator, and either Black or White Apogee HD. Superior Performance at low noise levels With their copper & brass radiators, most powerful DC pump in its size class on the market, and the new Apogee HD waterblock, the H20x20 Edge kits deliver superior performance at low to barely audible noise levels. Fine-tuning Right Out of the Box No extra fan or pump controller is needed: you can fine-tune your cooling system by simply connecting the pump to the motherboard and controlling it with the PWM function.

Who should apply:

Extreme enthusiasts in the market for an insanely powerful CPU cooler.

Socket compatibility: Intel LGA775/1155/1156/1366/2011, Intel Server Socket 771 (by request); AMD AM2/3, 754, 770, 939, 940, F, FM1 (all by request)
Rated noise level: 38dBA

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